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TreeOleo Toothpaste

TreeOleo provides an outstanding protection against periodontal diseases, gingivitis and cavities by preventing the bacteria to enter through gum. (Proven by Kyung Hee University dental school research group)

TreeOleo Toothpaste sustains the freshness in your mouth longer by having the TreeOleo substance to travel through your gum to your brain and it helps increasing the gum immunity to make healthier gums. It is highly recommended for bad breath as one of the major benefits of TreeOleo is deodorizing effect. It helps easing the stomatitis and other gum disease that may cause the bad breath.

The use of this product eliminates the smell of any strong flavored foods. This product is a non-fluoride toothpaste that is made with only natural components and there is no side effects caused by fluoride.


xylitol, green tea extract, sorbitol solution, chitosan, propolis extract, menthol, precipitated calcium carbonate, aminocaprioic acid, calcium monohydrogen phosphate, allantoin chlorohydroxy aluminum and more.


quasi drugs, 150g