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Air Changer

Unlike the other air purifiers using filters, Air Changer uses Leonard Effect, the electricity in a waterfall. Negative ion, the negatively charged electricity is generated when water droplets collide with each other and the vaporized water in nano-scale size absorbs fine dust and maintains the proper level of humidity.

Air Changer 100 & Air Changer 500

Air changer 100, the only domestic air purifier that does not require cleaning is designed for household. Air Changer 500 is designed for digital nomads and it can be generated just with the USB power.

These products are developed to be able to vaporize the TreeOleo which is similar to the concentration of phytoncide from domestic forest and they are made to show the consumption of the TreeOleo refill liquid easily.

The vaporized TreeOleo, which is very similar to the forest concentration has the same ability as phytoncide in the forest. It increases immunity, NK cells (natural immune cells), memory and concentration. It also decreases the stress hormone cortisol which helps relieving insomnia. The air purification and deodorization occur in the space where the TreeOleo exists because of decomposition of harmful substances. It also suppresses the growth of mites which helps with reduction on allergic reactions. Especially, the increased immunity helps to reduce rhinitis and to prevent colds.


1. Air Changer 100 and Air Changer 500 do not use an oscillator (oscillator is a device that blows water into the air). These products vaporize water and phytoncide completely into the air by the wind and the size of supplied substance is about 0.0001 microns which is hardly measurable. The temperature of vaporized phytoncide is lower than the room temperature.

2. New refill liquid cartridge type that does not require cleaning improves convenience.

3. You may feel the unique fragrance of phytoncide at your first try, but you will hardly feel it over time. The effect of phytoncide still remains.

4. It is designed considering space usability and noise control by minimizing the product size. It is quiet even in normal mode and you would not recognize the sound in sleep mode.

*TreeOleo is a natural phytoncide oil which is extracted from domestic forest that has been fermented at low temperature for a long time to create its high quality and the soft fragrance.

  • We recommend using the fresh natural phytoncide products within 1 month after opening. They should not be used for more than 2 months after opening.
  • If the fresh scent of phytoncide is gone, please check the remaining amount of phytoncide and replace with a new product.
  • The amount of vaporization varies depending on room temperature and humidity.