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Insul Care Bitter Melon All Natural Dietary Supplement 120 Capsules

120 capsules. Take 2 capsules twice a day.

  • WHY IS BITTER MELON LIKE EDIBLE INSULIN - Because Bitter Melon is rich in insulin analogues (Peptide P), it’s become known as the insulin plant (P-insulin). It also contains large amounts of Charantin, which acts on the beta cells of the pancreas that secrete insulin, and Momordicin, for blood sugar support, healthy digestion and energy level.
  • FOR BLOOD SUGAR SUPPORT - Insul Care is made of 100% Bitter Melon extract that contains a peptide that mirrors the effects of insulin in the body. This helps process excess glucose in the liver and prevents glucose from recombining in the body.
  • BENEFITS OF HEALTHY DIGESTION - It is thought that the linoleic acid in bitter melon also promotes fat burning so you receive the benefit of healthy digestion.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR YOUR BODY - Bitter melon contains large amounts of potassium, Momordicin and Charantin for blood sugar support.

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