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Made in CANADA  / 1Box has 3 Bottle(1 bottle contains 240 Softgels)


Why is Omega-3?

Contains unsaturated fatty acid as EPA, DHA, DPA.

Key supplement to fulfill development of Non-self generating elements in our body. Omega-3 Polyunsaturates are essential nutrients for maintaining good health, normal growth and development.

OmegaGold Omega-3 Capsule is an all natural supplement composed of Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients such as vitamin E and squalene from seal oil. This product is purely from seal oil and did not go through any chemical process.

Use : Take 2-3gel capsules twice per day or as directed by physician. Refrigerate after opening

5 Star Certificates

  • For Passing ALL CRN / WHO Testing Categories
  • For Greater than 60% Omega-3 Concentration
  • For Oxidation Levels less than 75% of CRN Standard
  • For PCB Levels less than 50% of CRN Standard
  • For Dioxin Level less than 50% of WHO Standard