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CODECO NUTRITION Gong Jin Dan 6g x 10

Gongjin-Dan is a prestige traditional oriental medicine herbal drug for several hundred years. Because it was primarily used to treat emperors, it is known as King’s Medicine. According to DONQUIBOGAM(the most important Korean ancient medical book), Gongjin-Dan “is effective in harmonizing internal organs with each other while also preventing various diseases” and has been used clinically for treating chronic fatigue symptoms and/or central nervous system disorders. CODECO Gongjin-Dan is composed of six core ingredients, Aquilaria Crassna (Canada), Alberta Rocky Elk Antlers, Panax Ginseng, Angelica Acutiloba Radix, Cornus Officinalis and 24K Edible Pure Gold Leaf. By using only the highest quality of ingredients available in Canada, we proudly guarantee the potency and efficacy of our Gongjin-Dan. Your health is our utmost value.

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