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Beaudiani Infusing Collagen Concentrate Patch Set


Beaudiani Infusing Collagen Concentrate Patch Set

Infusing Collagen Concentrate Patch - Forehead 4 pieces, 4 pairs for cheeks [8 pieces], 2 pairs for eyes [4 pieces] Infusing Collagen Concentrate Fluid - 50ml Infusing Collagen Concentrate Mist - 50ml Infusing Collagen Powder - 1.5g

1. Infusing Collagen Concentrate Patch - 100% French collagen with 180 years of tradition. - Korea's first 50,000 nanofiber patch patent technology. - Amazing absorption in one second. - You can feel a definite difference even with just one use.

2. 100% sold out Instagram item as soon as it was released! If you need volume radiance, make sure to use it. I strongly recommend it two or three times.

3. Effectiveness validated by clinical trials - This product has been verified for improving elasticity and improving skin barriers. Significant changes after two weeks of use. - Experience a skin surface that is brightened by moisture and elasticity.

4. Use a combination of infusing collagen concentrate mist & fluid + 1.5g of infusing collagen powder.

5. # How to use ("see YouTube video:") #

1) After cleaning the skin, spray collagen mist to absorb it.

2) Open the pouch and take out the collagen patch.

3) Remove the transparent film and attach the white collagen part of the product to the desired area. (*After attaching it, take off the nonwoven sheet if the nonwoven sheet and collagen are separated.)

4) Sprinkle enough collagen mist with the collagen patch attached.

5) Do not roll the patch with your hands!

6) Spray the mist once more so that the collagen patch is fully absorbed.

7) When the mist is absorbed on the surface of the skin, apply a moderate amount of collagen fluid to the skin for a firm and fresh flooring.

Design House: Beaudiani

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