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Anapa Kinesiology Tape for Athletes 180 capsules 1.96" X 16.4 ft


▶ Enhance Performance with Full Range of Motion
Elastic sports tape to help relieve pain & support
Comfortable to wear for 1 to 3 days
Water resistant
Light weight & Air permeable

▶ Features:
Similar elasticity to that of human muscle
Range of motion of muscle 50%
Elasticity of tape 60~70%
Harmless adhesive, developed with technical support from Korea Polymer Testing & Research Institute (KOPTRI)
High quality : 100% Cotton
Long-lasting : wearable for 1 to 3 days
Drug Free

▶ Benefits:
Stabilizes and discourages harmful movements of muscles and joints
Provides a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries
Prevents stiffness of the muscles while maximizing range of motion
Lifting action of the tape relieves pressure under the skin, reducing pain while enhancing circulation

▶ Effectiveness:
Supports muscles and joints
Uniquely engineered with 100% cotton that provides uni0directional elasticity, allowing the tape to stretch along the muscles, ligaments and tendons underneath application
Prevents injury & Injury relapse
Offers high flexibility
Relieves pain & Reduces swelling/edema

▶ Type:
Roll Type

▶ Direction:
Before applying tape, clean and dry skin. Remove excessive hairs for long-lasting application. Stretch the painful body part. Apply tape and smooth over skin. Do not stretch the tape while applying.

▶ Caution :
Patch Test is recommended before use for sensitive skin types.
This is not intended to replace professional medical treatment.

Design House: Dong Sung

Made in KOREA