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Pets are the main cause of allergies. Children, especially, often come into skin-to-skin contact with animals. Pests penetrate and live in the fur of the pets. Pests in animal fur are transferred to the children through skin contact, and the children can be harmed from these pests as well.

Treeoleo has an odor that pests detest. Ticks, cockroaches, and ants dislike this smell, and no pests live near Treeoleo. t&t Bug Spray is designed to effectively eliminate pests without harming pets. Bug Spray uses a technology that contains Treeoleo in microcapsules so that the Treeoleo odor lasts for a long time.

Spraying it on the animal's fur before going on a walk with the pet allows Treeoleo's scent to last for a long time. It prevents the penetration of pests into the animal's fur. If sprayed on the fibers of the pet's clothes worn for warmth, Treeoleo will prevent pests from living in the clothes' fibers as well.

Directions: Treeoleo microcapsules allow its effect to last a long time, so spraying the product once before going on a walk is sufficient.

Spray on the pet's body, away from the face.

Ingredients: Water, Chamaecyparis Obtusa Oil(Phytoncide), Polyglycery1-10, Oleate, Hydroxyethlcellulose (micro capsule)