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Face Shield with Glasses Frame(Compact package) 

Frame Clip Color : Blue, Orange, White



Single pack: 2.25in× 1.75in× 8.75in 

The brief of Face Shield

1.Optically clear, no distortion free wrap-around face shied.

2.The foam strip and fixing devic holds shield away from face, allowing room for goggles.

3.Lightweight and comfortable to wear, quick and easy to put on.

4.Elastic band can be adjusted according to your need.

5.This product is made of polymer material for disposable use, do not reuse.



Requires a little bit of assembly clipping the glasses to the shield, but takes less than a minute.


How to Use

1.Tear off the transparent film on both sides of the shield.

2.Move in the direction of the arrow to overlap the eyelet hole and the lens hole.

3.Insert the hole plug firmly into the other side of the frame hole.

4.The installation is complete.