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Treeoleo Fabric Spray

House dust mites are the main cause of atopy, asthma, rhinitis and allergy and eliminating them cannot be the ultimate solution. The dead mites are broken into pieces after using the mite disinfectant and they become the cause of allergies. The best way is to send them away. The house mites hate TreeOleo and they run away when they get near the smell of TreeOleo. It also kills the mites when TreeOleo touches them.

TreeOleo is safe to be exposed to newborns and elderly people. Most allergies on newborns are due to dust mites. Spray TreeOleo Fabric Spray on newborns bedding five minutes before putting the baby to prevent allergies from occurring.

The TreeOleo oil in TreeOleo Fabric Spray is contained in the capsule and it evaporates slowly through the capsule after application which helps TreeOleo substance to be sustained for a long time. One spray on beddings keeps the dust mites to be away for more than a week.


How to:

1. Shake the bottle two or three times before applying on beddings and fabrics. Let it dry for about five minutes.

2. Spray every two-three days on beddings to eliminate the dust mites. After about one month of use, apply once or twice a week.

3. Rub the mouth of the nozzle gently with your hand if the nozzle gets blocked by the capsule of TreeOleo when the product is not in use for a long time.