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DIX Roadster For Men Gift Set

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DIX Roadster For Men Gift Set 



For charismatic, but composed, and yet strong men who enjoy speed & power!! Healthy skin and energy that fills the body and soul for perfection of harmony & balance!! DIX Roadster Skincare, created solely for the territorial existence of those men in mind!!

= Empowering Effect – Recharges skin’s innate defense mechanism & energy
= Supporting Effect – Improves skin’s protective layer & its recovery ability
= Supplying Effect – Replenishes moisture & nutrition for debilitated skin
= Clarifying Effect – Controls metabolic waste materials & cause of skin trouble

1. Skin in Motion – Toner that provides sufficient energy to fortify and make skin strong. Calms skin that is highly influenced from frequent shaving, detrimental external environmental factors, & inner imbalance, while making skin feel naturally moist and clean by giving hydration, cleansing, and astringent effects. This fresh toner harmonically balances the ever so tired and dull skin of men to be visibly awakened & brightened.

2. Lotion on Live – Lotion that provides comfortable energy with good skin compatibility. Balances skin that is highly damaged & weakened by various different types of irritating factors to be normal, soft, flexible, and yet moist all around. This light and smooth nutritive lotion strictly for men controls skin’s stressors, unnecessary keratin & sebum while offering deep hydration to maintain skin at its best state all day long.

Made in Korea 

Design House:DS

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