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BIOTHERM HOMME AGE FITNESS advanced night Anti aging cream & anti wrinkle treatment 50ml

AGE FITNESS Advanced Night by Biotherm Homme. A regenerating nocturnal action treatment, which prevents skin aging.

An active rhythm of life, marked by stress, lack of sleep and urban aggressions (pollution, dust, smoke ...) can damage skin, causing oxidation and favoring premature aging.

For this reason, Biotherm takes advantage of the hours of rest (the moment when cells are more active and energetic) to help strengthen it and prepare it to face the aggressions to which it is subjected during the day.

This light and comforting treatment improves the regeneration capacity of the skin and creates a protective barrier to prevent future damages and attenuate those already present. With its use, fine lines and wrinkles will minimize its appearance, the dull and lifeless tone will recover its healthy tonality, and the skin will improve its texture considerably, staying young for longer.

For everyday use, this powerful gel is suitable for all skin types.

Design House: BIOTHERM 

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